Beecham House On Masterpiece

Former East India Company soldier John Beecham arrives in Delhi determined to reunite his family and hide the identity of his infant son. But what will these secrets cost John and those he loves?

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  • Episode One (#5033)

    Former soldier John Beecham is determined to leave the past behind him and start a new life in Delhi at his grand residence, Beecham House, but he carries in his arms a secret -- a baby of mixed parentage who must be kept in hiding.

  • Episode Two (#5034)

    John finally fulfills his dream of having his family reunited at Beecham House.

  • Episode Three (#5035)

    A murder throws John's plans of staying in Delhi into jeopardy.

  • Episode Four (#5036)

    After hearing gossip about John, Margaret makes clear her intentions to leave Delhi.

  • Episode Five (#5037)

    John learns that Margaret left Delhi. John and Daniel come to blows over Daniel's relationship with the beautiful servant Chanchal.

  • Episode Six (#5038)

    Daniel, Margaret and Chandrika desperately try to help John, but only the Emperor can release him.

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