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Discounts and savings at the places you go to the most. Enjoy the savings power of NHPBS PerksConnect in your neighborhood, across New England and nationwide from Alabama to Wyoming. Put the national savings power of the NHPBS PerksConnect member card to work for you!

Questions or would like to join? Call NHPBS Member Services at (800) 639-8408 (M-F, 9am-5pm); we'd love to speak with you about this exciting member benefit!

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If you have questions or comments about member benefits or programs, please contact us!

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Activation is Simple!

If you're a NHPBS member and haven't received your activation code, please call NHPBS at (800) 639-8408. If you've already received your code, visit NHPBSperksconnect.com to activate your new benefit.

Questions or would like to join?

Questions or would like to join? Call NHPBS Member Services at (800) 639-8408 (M-F, 9am-5pm); we'd love to speak with you about this exciting new member benefit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NHPBS PerksConnect? 
With NHPBS PerksConnect, NHPBS members enjoy money-saving discounts in neighborhoods across New England and at 50,000 locations nationwide, including more than 300 online retailers. It’s our most convenient and powerful member discount benefit program ever.

How do I sign up for NHPBS PerksConnect? 
NHPBS members are pre-registered and only need to activate the NHPBS PerksConnect benefits using these easy steps:

  1. Click the Activate Now! button on the home page NHPBSperksconnect.com.
  2. On the Activation page, enter your activation code (provided by NHPBS) choose a username and password, and then fill out the remaining required profile fields. You can even select your interests and communication preferences so we can share the offers and discounts that interest you most.
  3. Click Activate and you’re done!

I'm not a member; how do I join? 
Thank you for your interest in NHPBS. Our award-winning public television programs are only made possible through your support. Please visit NHPBS.org to learn more and become a member today. Discover the benefits of membership, including valuable NHPBS PerksConnect discounts, exclusive member-only offers, and a subscription to Connections our monthly member magazine. 

I’m a member; how do I locate my activation code? 
Activation codes are now sent to NHPBS members along with the NHPBS PerksConnect member card. In some instances, the code may be sent by email. If you cannot locate your activation code, please call NHPBS at (800) 639-8408.

I entered my activation code, but I could not access my account. What should I do? 
Your NHPBS membership may not have been updated with NHPBS PerksConnect. Please call NHPBS PerksConnect at 1-866- 671-3322 (M–F, 9–5).

I activated my NHPBS PerksConnect account, but I cannot log in. What should do? 
If you have any problems logging in to your NHPBS PerksConnect account, or if you have questions about using the website or the PerksConnect phone app, please call NHPBS PerksConnect at 1-866-671-3322.

How do I use the PerksConnect app for my iPhone or Android phone? 
On your mobile device, visit the iPhone or Android app store, search for PerksConnect and download our app. You must activate your account on the main site first, then, simply enter the username and password you have chosen during activation into the app and start enjoying benefits on the go.

I just became a new NHPBS member, how soon will I receive my NHPBS PerksConnect member card? 
While it can take up to four weeks to receive your new NHPBS PerksConnect member card, you don’t have to wait to start saving! Within three business days of becoming a NHPBS member, you can call NHPBS Member Services at (800) 639-8408 to get your activation code, visit NHPBSperksconnect.com and enter your code to access discounts and special offers online. You can also print your own PerksConnect member card using the Printable Card button on the NHPBSperksconnect.comhome page or download the PerksConnect app for your iPhone or Android phone to begin saving.

My NHPBS member card looks different than the one featured on NHPBS PerksConnect; can I still use it? 
If your current member card has a PerksConnect logo, it can be used for all available discounts, even if it does not look like the card featured on this site. If your current member card does not have a PerksConnect logo, you will need a new one. You can print an updated card by using the Printable Card button on the NHPBSperksconnect.com home page or by requesting a new card from NHPBS Member Services by calling (800) 639-8408 (M–F, 9–5).

I lost my NHPBS PerksConnect member card, how can I get a replacement? 
You can print a new card by clicking the Printable Card button at NHPBSperksconnect.com. If you prefer, you can use the PerksConnect app in place of the member card, which is available from the iPhone or Android app stores. To request a new card from NHPBS Member Services, please call (800) 639-8408 (M–F, 9–5).

I received a notice on the NHPBS PerksConnect website that my membership has expired and I cannot use my member card. What should I do? 
Most likely, it’s time to renew your NHPBS membership. You can renew your membership at

NHPBS.org/support or by calling NHPBS Member Services at (800) 639-8408 (M–F, 9–5).

I have a NHPBS Family membership. Can I get additional member cards for other members of my household? 
Yes! Any family member who is listed on your NHPBS membership can call NHPBS Member Services at (800) 639-8408 and receive an activation code. They can then set up their own unique profile at NHPBSperksconnect.com. Once activated, they can print a member card and download the PerksConnect app for their mobile device. If you need to add a family member to your NHPBS membership, please call NHPBS Member Services at (800) 639-8408 (M–F, 9–5).

Who do I contact if I have a question about my NHPBS membership or donation? 
For questions about your NHPBS membership or donation, please call NHPBS Member Services at (800) 639-8408 (M–F, 9–5), or send an email to membership@nhpbs.org. 

What types of discounts does NHPBS PerksConnect offer? 
We’ve combined all of your favorite local NHPBS discounts with the national savings power of PerksConnect to give you thousands of local and national discounts, as well as discounted gift cards and special daily deals.

How do I find businesses in my area that offer discounts through NHPBS PerksConnect? 
After activating your account, log in at NHPBSperksconnect.com. In the “Search for Local Discounts” box, enter your zip code, address or city, and state and click on "Search Discounts." From the list of results, click on any merchant name to view offer details. Search additional offers from national brands using the tabs listed across the top of the website. 

Can I show my PerksConnect phone app and get the discount?
In most cases with local businesses, the answer is YES. However, some of the PerksConnect Featured Partners require a promotional code, online purchase, or use of a toll free number to purchase the item or service at a discounted rate. For more information, please see the detail pages for each specific offer.

Why are my search results different between the mobile app and online?
The online search function is more comprehensive. It includes deals that can be printed and redeemed at merchants (show and save offers); discounted gift card offers that can be ordered ahead of time; and, daily deals that have been aggregated from 3rd party providers like Groupon and Living Social.

The mobile app search only includes offers that can be “shown” on your device to the merchant at the time of use. Mobile search results are limited to a maximum of 50 offers based on the user’s location or a specific zip code. All mobile results can be filtered by category and flagged as favorites for easy future access.

What do I do if a merchant won't accept my PerksConnect discount? 
For assistance, please call PerksConnect at 1-866-671-3322.

Will you be adding more merchants? 
Yes, we add new merchants daily. Visit NHPBSperksconnect.com often to discover discounts from our new national and local businesses.

Do you take requests for merchants? 
Yes! If you would like to see a certain type of merchant or service, please click on the Contact button on the NHPBSperksconnect.com home page, and put the suggestion in the "What's on your mind?" field. When recommending a merchant, please provide as much detail as possible (name, location, phone number, contact person, etc.).

I’m a business owner, how do I participate in NHPBS PerksConnect? 
Partnering with NHPBS and becoming a NHPBS PerksConnect merchant is good for our community, and it’s also good for your business. For more information and to learn about how you can showcase your support of public broadcasting to NHPBS’s 22,000 members, please contact PerksConnect at 1-866-671-3322 or send an email to: contact@perksconnect.com

Contact Member Services

If you have questions or comments about member benefits or programs, please contact us!

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