Bees and Amelia Earhart - May 20

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Monday, May 20, 2024

Today is Eliza Doolittle Day, Flower Day, Josephine Baker Day, Be a Millionaire Day, Quiche Lorraine Day, Rescue Dog Day, Weights and Measure Day, Bee Day, and Metrology Day.

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Resource of the Day
Today's Theme: Bees and Amelia Earhart




  • Joni Mitchell - Amelia - LISTEN
  • Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - LISTEN
  • Joe Cocker - You Are So Beautiful - LISTEN
  • Cher - Believe - LISTEN

NHPBS LearningMedia - Asian Americans Collection

THEME:  Bees

  • Grades PreK-1 - Sesame Street - B is for Bees (1:39) - VIEW
  • Grades PreK-1 - Sesame Street - Elmo's World - Bees (5:21) - VIEW
  • Grades PreK-1 - Sesame Street - Baby Bear and Bees (1:47) - VIEW
  • Grades PreK-4 - Wild Kratts - Follow That Bee (2:48) - VIEW
  • Grades K-6 - NHPBS LearningMedia - Science Trek - What's the Buzz about Bees? Collection - VIEW
  • Grades 3-8 - NHPBS Learning Media - Wild TV - Bees (5:08) - VIEW and DO
  • Grades 4-12 - Reactions - How Do Bees Make Honey? (2:25) - VIEW
  • Grades 5-12 - PBS LearningMedia - Nature - Disappearance of the Bees - What's the Impact? (5:31) - VIEW and DO
  • Grades 6-8 - NHPBS LearningMedia - The Bounty of Bees (3:51) - VIEW, READ, DO
  • Grades 6-12 - NHPBS LearningMedia - Lens of Time - Bumper Bees (5:52) - VIEW
  • Grades 6-12 - NHPBS Learning Media - It's Okay to Be Smart - Why Are the Bees Dying? (4:01) - VIEW
  • Grades 8-12 - NHPBS Video - Nature - My Garden of a Thousand Bees (53:13) - VIEW

THEME:  Amelia Earhart

  • Grades PreK-3 - Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum - Amelia Earhart Coloring Sheet - DO
    Grades PreK-3 - Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum - Amelia Earhart Biosheet - READ
  • Grades 3-7 - PBS Learning Media - Amelia Earhart- Aviator, Record-breaker, and Activist Video (Available in Spanish) (4:00) - VIEW
  • Grades 3-8 - PBS Learning Media - Amelia Earhart- Aviator, Record-breaker, and Activist Lesson Plan - DO
  • Grades 3-8 - PBS LearningMedia - STEM in 30 - Fly Girls: Women in Aerospace (29:59) - VIEW
  • Grades 6-12 - NHPBS Video - American Experience - Amelia Earhart (8:39) - VIEW
  • Grades 6-12 - NHPBS Video - American Experience - I Think I'd Like to Fly - Amelia Earhart (0:48) - VIEW
  • Grades 7-12 - NHPBS Video - Images of the Past - Finding Amelia (27:19) - VIEW
  • Grades 7-12 - NHPBS Video - WLRN History - Amelia Earhart's Last Flight (3:13) - VIEW
  • Grades 7-12 - NHPBS Video - History Detectives - Amelia Earhart Plane (17:30) - VIEW
  • Grades 7-12 - NHPBS Video - History Detectives - Extended Interview: All About Amelia Earhart  (3:43) - VIEW


NHPBS - 11.1 Comcast (2/802) More Options

Monday, 5/20 from 10-11:30 pm NHPBS
What is the role of sound and what does it mean to listen? Hard-of-hearing filmmaker Alison O'Daniel uses a series of tuba thefts in Los Angeles high schools as a jumping-off point to explore these questions. INDEPENDENT LENS Streaming Video

NH EXPLORE- 11.2 Comcast (11/801) More Options

Monday, 5/20 from 1:30-2:45 pm NH EXPLORE
Join an all-star cast performing songs from the hit musicals Dreamgirls, Ain't Misbehavin, The Color Purple, Porgy and Bess and so many more to celebrate the rich history and evolution of Black roles and voices on Broadway.

NH WORLD - 11.3 More Options

FIRST PEOPLES - Americas view online
Monday, 5/20 from 2-3 pm NH WORLD
As humans spread out across the world, their toughest challenge was to colonize the Americas -- because of a huge ice sheet blocking their route. It has long been thought that pioneers -- known as Clovis people -- arrived about 13,000 years ago. But an underwater discovery in Mexico is forcing the story to be rewritten. FIRST PEOPLES Streaming Video

 view online
Monday, 5/20 from 3-4 pm NH WORLD
200,000 years ago, a new species appeared on the African landscape -- Homo sapiens. Scientists imagined eastern Africa was a real-life Garden of Eden, but the latest research suggests we evolved in many places across the continent at the same time. FIRST PEOPLES Streaming Video

 view online
Monday, 5/20 from 4-5 pm NH WORLD
What happened when we expanded out of Africa and into Asia -- where did we go and whom did we meet along the way? The latest evidence suggests we left far earlier than previously thought and interbred with a newly discovered type of ancient human -- the Denisovans. FIRST PEOPLES Streaming Video

 view online
Monday, 5/20 from 7:30-9 pm NH WORLD
Discover the art, life, and enduring impact of Tyrus Wong, the renowned Chinese-American painter behind Bambi and Rebel Without a Cause, via new and never-before-seen interviews, movie clips, and art. Wong once exhibited with Picasso and Matisse. AMERICAN MASTERS Streaming Video

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StoryLine Online

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  • New Hampshire Public Radio:

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    • Ask Sam - Ask Sam features Outside/In host Sam Evans-Brown answering listener questions about the mysteries and quirks of the natural world.
  • Seacoast Science Center in Odiorne Point State Park

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  • Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

  • Strawbery Banke Museum

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