Communities and Consequences II

Communities and Consequences II: Rebalancing New Hampshire’s Human Ecology is a sequel project to 2008’s award-winning Communities and Consequences: The Unbalancing of New Hampshire’s Human Ecology. This timely new film, book, web, and community outreach project will explore the economic and social realities of workforce shortages in our state - the nation’s second oldest state in terms of median age.

Every citizen, business and organization has a stake in the economic health of the Granite State. Your contribution to this timely and important multi-platform initiative will help us reach audiences wherever they are - online, on television, and in community conversations. 

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  • A $100 to $500 contributor will receive a copy of the book personally signed by the authors and a digital copy of the documentary.
  • All contributors of $500 or more will receive a signed copy of the book, a digital documentary, and an autographed poster from the outreach forums.

The population bulge known as the baby boom is reaching social security age and beyond. The impacts of the aging of such a large demographic cohort are seen nationwide. But New Hampshire and northern New England are suffering a far more severe demographic maelstrom. Here the rapidly rising number of seniors have been accompanied by shrinking numbers of younger adults and children—an unbalancing of the region’s human ecology.

The Communities and Consequences team will be traveling around the Granite State, finding compelling stories of how people in their local communities are making decisions that have consequences, some good, some not. We will share stories of how people are working together, including businesses and organizations to find innovative ways to create vibrant and welcoming places for people of all ages and backgrounds, and ensure a thriving future for their communities and the state.

You can help by making a secure donation for this project now. Your support will help us hold statewide discussions around the themes of workforce supply, housing, education and economic growth, while enhancing NH’s quality of life.

Contribute in whatever amount you can and be part of the solution to help ensure the workforce New Hampshire needs for its future.

Support for Communities & Consequences II provided by:

New England Studios, LLC, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, DTC Lawyers, PLLC, Envirovantage, Exeter Hospital, Heritage Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric, New Hampshire REALTORS, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative, New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority, Anagnost Companies, Hitchiner Manufacturing, Orbit Group, Northeast Delta Dental, Chinburg Properties

Thank you!

Since 1990 NH has accelerated from 28th oldest state (by median age) to 2nd oldest. We must act now to rebalance the human ecology of NH. 

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