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Sun, Dec 5 7:30 A.M. NH CREATE      

Texture generally refers to both the feel and appearance of a surface. It can be employed to make a fine art painting seem more believable and by establishing a sensorial connection with the viewer. Blending is the ability to graduate from one color to another without obvious transitions and boundaries. By using appropriate blending techniques the colors pass imperceptibly from one shade or degree of intensity to another. In this episode, Wyland demonstrates how mixing and blending techniques can work together to create a textured look.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 512

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Sun, Dec 5 7:30 A.M. Waterfall     NH CREATE

About Wyland's Art Studio:

In WYLAND'S ART STUDIO, marine-life artist and environmental conservationist Wyland - best-known for his epic series of 91 life-size marine murals - takes viewers step-by-step through the creation of one of his vibrant photorealistic paintings.

Wyland works on canvas with non-toxic water-based oil paint to re-create scenes from the Pacific Ocean.

His subjects include: bottlenose dolphins, orcas, seascapes, sea lions, coral reef, sea otters, turtles, Great White Sharks, Gray Whales, Emperor Penguins, pelicans, whale tails and kissing dolphins.

In keeping with his eco-conscious approach to painting, Wyland closes each episode with a tip for helping the environment.

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Sun, Dec 5 7:30 A.M. Waterfall     NH CREATE
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