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This week on Weekends with Yankee, cohosts Amy Traverso and Richard Wiese travel to Nantucket with Lisa Birnbach, author of The Official Preppy Handbook. Lisa tells all about this iconic New England style while shopping at Murray's Toggery Shop, where you'll find the ultimate in preppie togs. Then it's onto Tamworth Distilling in New Hampshire's pristine White Mountains, where they've perfected the craft of turning local ingredients into delicious spirits. We then move onto one of Vermont's little known secrets, Little Fenway, a scaled down version of Boston's iconic park-and where families can take a Whiffle ball swing at the big Green Monster. And finally we travel south to Connecticut to visit the first and only Whiffle Ball factory, and see how those magical little spheres are made.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 307

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