the tunnel
Episode One

Inside the Channel Tunnel, on the borderline between Britain and France, the body of a woman is discovered. As the corpse is lifted, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary murder. A thrilling and complex cross-Channel investigation ensues.

Episode Duration: 56 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 101

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Mon, Feb 18 10:00 P.M. Episode Two     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Feb 19 3:00 A.M. Episode Two     NHPBS
Mon, Feb 25 10:00 P.M. Episode Three     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Feb 26 3:00 A.M. Episode Three     NHPBS
Mon, Mar 11 10:00 P.M. Episode Four     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Mar 12 3:00 A.M. Episode Four     NHPBS
Mon, Mar 18 10:00 P.M. Episode Five     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Mar 19 3:00 A.M. Episode Five     NHPBS
Mon, Mar 25 10:00 P.M. Episode Six     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Mar 26 3:00 A.M. Episode Six     NHPBS

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