the indian doctor
Foreign Bodies

Dr. Prem Sharma and his wife Kamini nervously await the arrival of his dreaded mother-in-law, Pushpa. With India gripped by the chaos of a smallpox epidemic, Pushpa is taking the opportunity for a long-overdue inspection of her daughter's new life - and the son-in-law of whom she doesn't approve. Meanwhile, evangelist preacher Reverend Todd is struggling to control his pretty teenage daughter Verity, who is home from boarding school for the summer. He is preparing a slide presentation of his missionary work in Africa, and hopes to win a few new souls for his congregation. Prem's young receptionist Gina is desperate that the new reverend baptise her baby, but because the child was born out of wedlock, Todd refuses. Local copper Emlyn visits the doctor thinking he is suffering from depression - or is it just boredom? Prem suggests Emlyn find some diversions from his routine, with awkward consequences.

Episode Duration: 42 minutes and 22 seconds

Episode Number: 201

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