shakespeare & hathaway-private investigators
Beware The Ides of March

When a falling studio light nearly kills Julienne Fortby live on air during psychic TV show, The Fortby Sisters, the horrified psychic visits Frank and Lu - someone's trying to kill her. Frank's sceptical of the medium, although Lu's impressed when Julienne gets a "message" from her late grandmother. Julienne suspects her jealous sister and co-host, Marcia who lacks 'the gift', is responsible. Investigating at Calpurnia Studios, our PIs discover a host of suspects, among them broadcast B B C S T U D I O S . C O M technician Scott Blacksell and security guard Bruce Perry, not to mention ex-fan Enid Kascar who the sisters have recently sued after she accused them of fakery. But when Marcia is hit by the Fortby Orb during a live show and hospitalised, the case is thrown wide open... Can Frank and Lu catch whoever's behind these "accidents" before they take a turn for the deadly?

Episode Duration: 43 minutes and 39 seconds

Episode Number: 114

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Wed, Jul 1 8:00 P.M. How The Rogue Roar'd     NH EXPLORE
Thu, Jul 2 1:00 A.M. How The Rogue Roar'd     NHPBS
Wed, Jul 8 8:00 P.M. See Thyself, Devil!     NH EXPLORE
Thu, Jul 9 1:00 A.M. See Thyself, Devil!     NHPBS

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