samantha brown′s places to love
Xi′an, China

Samantha travels to the ancient city of Xi'an, China, that once served as China's capital and dates back over 3,000 years. Feeling a little jet-lagged, Samantha stops off a local health clinic that has been practicing for more than 500 years using traditional Chinese medicine. Along her journey, Samantha rides a bike atop the ancient City Wall that still fortifies Xi'an, visits the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Terracotta Warriors and attends a spectacular outdoor performance of "The Song of the Everlasting Sorrow." Exploring further, Samantha is guided to the Yuan Ji Village and is told a fable by the legendary Storyteller, flies an extraordinary kite that measures almost 30 meters, and takes in the unusual sights of Muslim Street.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 109

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