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Mon, Jul 13 10:00 P.M. NH EXPLORE      

Amina feels defeated in the wake of a scandal and suffers a personal crisis. Duncan is shocked when the Post is banned from Downing Street's daily press conferences. Ed learns not to underestimate Holly's commitment to her work above all else.

Episode Duration: 1 hour 0 minutes and 50 seconds

Episode Number: 4950

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Mon, Jul 13 10:00 P.M. magic     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Jul 14 3:00 A.M. magic     NHPBS

About Press On Masterpiece:

Set in the world of newspapers in London, this razor-sharp and observant drama explores the current turbulent media landscape and the ethical dilemmas that journalists and editors face each day.

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Mon, Jul 13 10:00 P.M. Magic     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Jul 14 3:00 A.M. Magic     NHPBS
Mon, Jul 20 10:00 P.M. Two Worlds     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Jul 21 3:00 A.M. Two Worlds     NHPBS
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