our kids: narrowing the opportunity gap
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Detroit Educational Crisis. With deteriorating class room conditions and the worst test scores in the nation, this alarming episode casts its eye on the current educational crisis in Detroit. In this cautionary tale, both public and unregulated charter schools suffer from high teacher turnover, a shortage of up-to-date textbooks, lack of funding and financial accountability. We visit with students, teachers, parents and educational leaders in their innovative attempts to improve conditions.

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About Our Kids: Narrowing The Opportunity Gap:

Host Dr.

Robert Putnam (Harvard Professor and author of BOWLING ALONE) spotlights innovative leaders and children, working together in nine communities, who struggle to create and inspire solutions that help to narrow the widening opportunity gap between rich and poor for some 30 million young people denied access to the American Dream.

We hope viewers will try to build similar solutions in their neighborhoods.

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