in plain sight
Episode One

This atmospheric drama based on a chilling true story sees a determined detective taunted by an arrogant serial killer as he fights to bring him to justice. The trial and execution of Peter Manuel in 1958 was a media sensation and attracted worldwide press attention. Never before had one man been tried simultaneously for eight murders. This gripping series dramatises the real-life story of Detective William Muncie's dogged battle to prove Manuel's guilt - and the killer's personal vendetta against the policeman on his trail. On Manuel's release from jail in 1955, having served time for a series of sexual assaults, he embarks on a two-year killing spree, bringing fear and terror to a small close-knit community in Scotland. Thriving on the panic and press generated by his crimes, it's this need to be the star of his own story that proves Manuel's downfall - and enables Muncie to finally get his man.

Episode Duration: 42 minutes and 14 seconds

Episode Number: 101

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