The Year-Round Gardener (Nova Scotia)
growing a greener world

Sat, Jun 1 9:00 A.M. NH Create (11.4)  

When it comes to year-round vegetable gardening, Niki Jabbour wrote the book. She easily earned the Year-round Badge of Honor by living in one of the most unlikely places - Halifax, Nova Scotia. There, the first frost of the year shows up about mid-October and frigid temperatures persist typically until mid-May. Yet, Niki harvests fresh produce from her garden 365 days a year. Host, Joe Lamp'l visits Niki in her garden to uncover many tips we can each use to extend or get more out of our growing seasons. Local Angle: Although this show features a Nova Scotia gardener and garden, the concept of cold-climate gardening applies to many northern cities in the United States. Guest host, Niki Jabbour's time tested tips can be applied in many growing regions of the U.S to extend the seasons and maximize the bounty.

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Episode Number: 1013

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Sat, Jun 1 9:00 A.M. The Year-Round Gardener (Nova Scotia)     NH Create (11.4)

About Growing A Greener World:

GROWING A GREENER WORLD blends the latest trends in eco-friendly living with traditional gardening know-how.

The series highlights the diverse people, organizations and events that seek to raise environmental awareness and encourage better stewardship of the planet.

GROWING A GREENER WORLD combines the expertise and engaging styles of veteran television host and nationally recognized authority on gardening and sustainability, Joe Lamp'l (a.k.a.

joe gardener), with the "Most Watched Gardening Personality on the Web," Garden GirlPatti Moreno.

Each episode contains one compelling feature story and one how-to segment for growing your own food, followed by a four-minute segment with chef Nathan Lyon (A Lyon in the Kitchen) who uses fresh-from-the-garden fruit, vegetables or herbs to create simple and delicious dishes.

Lyon, a finalist for the 2006 The Next Food Network Star, believes the fresher the ingredients, the better the food.

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Sat, Jun 1 9:00 A.M. The Year-Round Gardener (Nova Scotia)     NH Create (11.4)
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Fri, Jun 21 6:00 A.M. The Foodscape Revolution     NH Create (11.4)
Fri, Jun 28 6:00 A.M. More Than Just a Seed: Protecting its Past, and Preserving its Future     NH Create (11.4)

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