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Stretching The Facts About Gluten

Gluten vs. Gluten Free? Are we confused by the whole Gluten issue? Exactly what it is? What it does? Who it impacts? What are the symptoms of Gluten sensitivity? Well, in this episode we examine the facts about this stretchy little protein found in wheat, rye and barley. We dispel some of its myths and verify its truths by talking to a noted gastroenterologist and the past chair of the California Wheat Commission & U.S. Wheat Associates to examine both sides of the Gluten story. And equally important, chef/host David Jackson whips up Pasta and Pancakes! The brown rice & quinoa fusilli, dressed in a fabulous walnut and basil pesto, is 100% Gluten Free in deference to the small but outspoken percentage of the population with Gluten sensitivity. It may have a slightly different "chew" than durum semolina pasta, but it's just as tasty! On the other hand, David's extraordinarily delicious, sweet and savory whole wheat crepes contain naturally occurring Gluten, which is perfectly wholesome for the 97.5% of us who can gobble Gluten with abandon!

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 45 seconds

Episode Number: 208

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