Team Spirit

Interest is lagging in the annual Mount Olympus Games, attendance is sagging, and Zeus is not happy. How can he restore the spirit of competition? With lightning bolt speed, he pits Team Motherboard, coached by Digit, against Team Hacker, coached by Wicked, The teams have to compete in the Triadditon, a relay-type race made up of an obstacle course, a swim race, and a foot race where each competitor does one event and tags their teammate to do the next. Bragging rights and hero worship go to the winners. But Wicked and Digit have their hands full when Hacker and Matt both insist on running the final event so that they can claim Zeus's glory. How can the kids convince Matt to let go of his personal pride - and rivalry with Slider who subs for the injured Jackie-for the good of the team?

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 55 seconds

Episode Number: 606

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