curious george
Robot Monkey Hullabalo/Curious George and the Slithery Day

Robot Monkey Hullabalo: At the museum, George joins Professor Wiseman and the Man with the Yellow Hat on a stroll through an amazing new robot exhibit. Later, after the Man gathers his old robots to add to the collection, George notices how excited Hundley is by his first robot sighting. That's when George gets his most brainy brainstorm yet and decides to make himself into a robot to play with Hundley! Using a hodgepodge of paper, tubes, cardboard boxes, gadgets and even a colander, George glues together an awesome robot outfit that works a little too well and fools even the sharp-witted Professor Wiseman. Will George end up on display at the museum? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To build or construct a structure using the design process and found objects. Curious George and the Slithery Day: George is watching and feeding Mr. Zoobel's gopher snake, Bruno, and mice, Benjy and Willie, for the day. But Mr. Zoobel forgets to tell George that Bruno is about to shed his skin. So when George sees the shed skin he worriedly takes it to the pet store for an explanation, leaving behind the snake with his cage open! And when George comes home the mice escape too. With a little help from Hundley, a wild chase around the building ensues and George gets the animals safely back - learning a lot about snake feeding (and hiding) habits along the way. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To provide information about snakes as one type of animal; what it eats, where and how it lives, and some behaviors; the predator/prey relationship. To introduce the idea of habitat.

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 55 seconds

Episode Number: 215

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