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Surprise Quints/Muddy Monkey

Tue, Apr 13 5:00 P.M. NHPBS KIDS      

Surprise Quints - It's Mr. Quint's birthday and everyone is helping with preparations for a surprise party. But Mr. Quint comes home early from his fishing trip so George is assigned the job of keeping him busy until it's time for the party. The job gets even more complicated when four of Mr. Quint's siblings arrive and they are all having the same birthday-could they be quintuplets? And can you keep five Quints happy with only twelve fish crackers to eat? Muddy Monkey - The Man with the Yellow Hat just can't figure out why George refuses to take a bath. What he doesn't realize is that George has lost his favorite bath toy, Sproingy the Frog. And until George finds Sproingy, all the shower games, car washes, and dog washes aren't going to do a bit of good. Unless of course, the dog being washed happens to be playing with a very special bubble making frog.

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 55 seconds

Episode Number: 121

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Tue, Apr 13 5:00 P.M. Surprise Quints/Muddy Monkey     NHPBS KIDS

About Curious George:

For more than 75 years, generations of young children have been charmed by the literary adventures of Curious George.

Based on the best-selling Curious George books by Margret and H.


Rey, the daily series expands George's world to include a host of colorful new characters and original locales, while maintaining the charm of the beloved books.

Each half-hour episode includes two animated stories, followed by short live-action pieces showing real kids who are investigating the ideas that George introduces in his stories.

The series aims to inspire kids to explore science, math and engineering in the world around them.

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