classical stretch: the esmonde technique
Weight Loss: Hips, Knees & Foot Workout

Thu, Mar 26 6:00 A.M. NH EXPLORE      

CLASSICAL STRETCH: THE ESMONDE TECHNIQUE focuses on overall wellness and physical fitness. This series, hosted by Miranda Esmonde-White, features a graceful, fluid and controlled method of stretching the entire body. It combines yoga, tai chi, Pilates and ballet techniques, plus specific movements and stretches that reach muscles and ligaments not normally targeted in the average fitness program. The movements, designed in consultation with a physician and a physiotherapist, are simple, safe, effective and appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 929

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Thu, Mar 26 6:00 A.M. weight loss: hips, knees & foot workout     NH EXPLORE

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