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Susan Craig

So many Canadians have made, and are making, their mark on the world stage in every sector of daily life. And while their names may be known to millions, their Canadian heritage may not. It's time for Canadians, Americans, and the world to understand what makes successful Canadians the people they've become, and what their success means to all of us. Canada Files will be a weekly, half-hour interview program. Canada Files episodes will consist of one-on-one interviews with Canada's most prominent and successful people. The interview guests will be Canadian, but many of whom may also be resident in the US, and well known to American audiences.

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 0 seconds

Episode Number: 111

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Sun, Dec 6 11:00 A.M. Canada Files     NH WORLD
Sun, Dec 13 11:00 A.M. Margaret Atwood     NH WORLD
Sun, Dec 20 11:00 A.M. Dr. David Suzuki     NH WORLD
Sun, Dec 27 11:00 A.M. Jimmy Pattison     NH WORLD

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