All in a Day

Caillou does a lot in a day, and today he wants to dress himself, only his Mommy is doing the laundry and he doesn't have any clean clothes, so Daddy and Caillou decide to play a dressing game with Daddy's old clothes. While preparing a picnic lunch with Mom, Caillou tests a bit too much of everything. He has no room left to eat the special sandwich Clementine made for him. His appetite comes back while watching squirrels storing food in their houses for the winter. Later that day, it's bath time, only Caillou doesn't like to take baths. Daddy turns bath time into playtime with a motorboat and a big bottle of bubble bath. And, when the car breaks down Caillou, Rosie and Dad have to pull over. Caillou comforts Rosie who becomes afraid when smoke comes out of the engine. Caillou is overjoyed when the tow truck arrives. Everyone rides to the garage and Caillou is in charge of holding Rosie's hand and explaining all the scary sounds.

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 55 seconds

Episode Number: 417

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Wed, Apr 29 12:30 P.M. Machines! Brrrrrmmm!     NHPBS KIDS

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