before we die
Episode Two

This thriller features nail-biting action and a unique twist about a tough police officer, Hanna Svensson, whose highly developed sense of right and wrong is more powerful than any family tie.

Episode Duration: 58 minutes and 19 seconds

Episode Number: 102

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Wed, Aug 19 10:00 P.M. Episode Seven     NH EXPLORE
Thu, Aug 20 3:00 A.M. Episode Seven     NHPBS
Wed, Sep 2 10:00 P.M. Episode Eight     NH EXPLORE
Thu, Sep 3 3:00 A.M. Episode Eight     NHPBS
Wed, Sep 9 10:00 P.M. Episode Nine     NH EXPLORE
Thu, Sep 10 3:00 A.M. Episode Nine     NHPBS
Wed, Sep 16 10:00 P.M. Episode Ten     NH EXPLORE
Thu, Sep 17 3:00 A.M. Episode Ten     NHPBS

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