​Big Deal
bad move

A new contract for Steve's web design business presents the opportunity of a financial lifeline being thrown to the couple, but a lie told to the potential client comes back to haunt Steve.

Episode Duration: 22 minutes and 16 seconds

Episode Number: 202

About Bad Move:

​Jack Dee stars in this comedy about the good life gone very wrong.

What's not to love about the countryside? Fresh air, fresh eggs, fresh start.

But lifelong townies Steve and Nicky soon realise they have made a seriously bad move.

Their new house is in an internet black hole, the locals loathe them, and Steve's web design business is looking pretty hopeless without the web.

Soon they are fantasising about life back in Leeds, where they had great friends, successful careers and excellent takeaway food.

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Tue, Dec 19 4:30 P.M. ​Festive Cheer     NH Explore (11.2)
Wed, Dec 20 4:30 A.M. ​Festive Cheer     NH Explore (11.2)
Sat, Dec 23 8:30 P.M. ​Festive Cheer     NHPBS (11.1)
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Tue, Jan 9 4:30 P.M. ​Speed Trap     NH Explore (11.2)
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