World On Fire On Masterpiece

Follow the intertwining fates of ordinary people as they grapple with the effects of World War II on their everyday lives. Set in Britain, Poland, France and Germany, the events of the series take place during the first year of the war.

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World On Fire On Masterpiece By Episode

  • Episode One (#5014)

    When war breaks out, young translator Harry vows to help his Polish lover Kasia flee Warsaw, but how will he explain this to his sweetheart Lois, waiting for him at home in Manchester?

  • Episode Two (#5015)

    A month into war and with Warsaw destroyed, Harry is desperate for news, while Kasia joins the Polish resistance.

  • Episode Three (#5016)

    Tom faces the fight of his life aboard HMS Exeter, while Harry and Lois have a more personal battle to fight.

  • Episode Four (#5017)

    Harry's courage is tested at Louvain, while Kasia's resistance activity in Warsaw intensifies.

  • Episode Five (#5018)

    Harry and his unit reach Dunkirk, with the odds stacked against them.

  • Episode Six (#5019)

    Paris falls to the Nazis, and Webster and Albert's lives are turned upside down.

  • Episode Seven (#5020)

    Harry has a second chance at saving Kasia from Warsaw.

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