Tunnel: Vengeance

Elise and Karl take on a toxic and terrifying duo whose defining quality is an existential death wish. When the question posed by the couple; what is a life worth?; is directed at Karl, he's forced to confront an utterly impossible choice.

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Tunnel: Vengeance By Episode

  • Episode One (#301)

    Karl and Elise reunite for an emotive and morally complex investigation when a boat carrying child refugees is torched in the middle of the Channel, leaving no sign of its passengers.

  • Episode Two (#302)

    Karl and Elise try to decode the Pied Piper's demands, while BB joins the French investigation in a race against time to find the perpetrators before they strike again.

  • Episode Three (#303)

    Another message from the Pied Piper leads Karl and Elise to a horrifying discovery.

  • Episode Four (#304)

    When Karl and Elise reach a dead end in the case, they both resort to unconventional means in pursuit of the truth.

  • Episode Five (#305)

    An increasingly isolated Karl makes a major breakthrough in the search for Saban, but his sense of triumph is short-lived when he discovers that someone close to him is in mortal danger.

  • Episode Six (#306)

    Karl and Elise face a tense and gripping showdown with the Pied Piper.

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