Neven's Irish Food Trails

Irish chef Neven Maguire, already known on public television with his Home Chef series, travels around Ireland meeting interesting food producers and chefs and craftspeople such as potters, glass blowers and knife-makers - all crafts related to food and drink. His base for the series is a beautiful barge on the River Shannon and each program ends with Neven cooking on board.

Neven's Irish Food Trails By Episode

  • Tipperary (#101)

    In the first episode of his new series, chef Neven Maguire departs on his food trail by boat.

  • Cork (#102)

    Tonight, Neven follows a food trail inspired by seafood.

  • Wexford, Limerick and Lough Ree (#103)

    Continuing his Irish Food Trail, Neven heads to County Wexford where he meets blackcurrant producer Des Jeffares.

  • West Cork (#104)

    This week Neven's Irish Food Trail leads him to West Cork and Glenilen Farm, home of artisan dairy producers the Kingston family.

  • Kilkenny (#105)

    On tonight's programme, Neven's food trail leads him first to Abbeyleix, Co.

  • County Wicklow (#106)

    Neven's first destination tonight is the spectacular Powerscourt Estate in Co.

  • Dublin (#107)

    In this final programme of Neven's Irish Food Trails, Neven heads to Dublin to meet an artisan food producer who combines ancient Mexican cooking techniques with traditional Irish ingredients.

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