My World Too

MY WORLD TOO is a magazine-style series that tackles global issues such as food production, clean energy, and housing, among other topics. Throughout the country, people are harvesting a bounty of ideas to help care for the only home we have: planet Earth. This series shares these inspirational stories of environmental stewardship, organic practices, and Earth-friendly innovations that viewers can learn from and apply in their own lives.

Tue, Sep 21 6:30 A.M. House Built From Scraps, Urban Lumber, Colorado Lavender Farm     NH CREATE

Meet a midwest couple that built their dream home mostly from free materials on Craig's List and discarded timber.

Tue, Sep 28 6:30 A.M. Upcycling: Making Old New Again, Preserving Heirloom Seeds     NH CREATE

Meet makers and creators that bring a new life to old materials from fashion design to microscopes.

Tue, Oct 5 6:30 A.M. The Bee Store, Regenerative Farming, A Free Fare City Transit System     NH CREATE

Imagine a story dedicated to the hobby and business of beekeeping and all things honey.

Tue, Oct 12 6:30 A.M. Passive Solar, Tree Waste Into Mulch, Glass Bottle Recycling     NH CREATE

Learn how it is all in the planning to create a home that is efficient as it is beautiful nestled on the front range of the Rockies.

Tue, Oct 19 6:30 A.M. Sustainable Architecture For Our Future, A Tiny Homes Community     NH CREATE

Visit an architecture firm with an emphasis on sustainable design, building for a better future in a time of climate change and limited carbon resources.

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