Life on the Line

The desire to overcome is at the core of everyone - especially those fighting disease, facing a natural disaster, or coping with a disability or battling mental illness. Narrated by Lisa Ling, LIFE ON THE LINE is an inspiring look into the resilience of humankind.

Life on the Line By Episode

  • San Bernardino Strong (#301)

    Julie never thought she would be where she is now: healing from two gunshot wounds when her co-worker and his wife opened fire at an employee meeting in one of the deadliest terrorist attacks.

  • Ebola Warriors (#302)

    This is the dramatic story of two hospitals: one fighting to keep the Ebola virus inside, and the other to keep it out.

  • It's About The Journey (#303)

    After a major snowboarding accident, Andre's athletic life completely changed when his left leg got amputated.

  • The Lasting Impact (#304)

    Wilber "Wil" Alexander has sat at the bedside of the sick and the dying for the last 40 years, inviting the wounded to tell their stories.

  • Against All Odds (#305)

    For the Purcells, their fairy tale life came to a halt when the doctor diagnosed Pat with prostate cancer.

  • Flight to Survive (#401)

    Follow an emergency trauma team as they transport injured children by air to one of the few level 1 pediatric trauma centers in the nation.

  • Love for Lexi (#402)

    Sixteen-year-old Alexis never woke up for school one morning.

  • Mavuto: The Forgotten Women (#403)

    Malawi has the highest rate of cervical cancer in the world.

  • Matthew's Miracles (#404)

    While pregnant with twins, Angelina was told that her baby Matthew was unlikely to survive the pregnancy.

  • Determination Is Mine (#405)

    Malek Mohammad, a 15-year-old Afghan boy, set about collecting firewood for his mother so she could cook dinner.

  • Losing to Live (#406)

    Weighing 670 pounds, Armando is trapped in a world where he can't experience life firsthand.

  • For The Love of Paradise (#501)

    Brad Brown, a hospital chaplain in the town of Paradise, risked his own life to help patients escape the deadliest fire in the history of California.

  • Erin's Story (#502)

    Fourteen-year-old Erin Tharp is a star student, but then something happens that will change her life forever.

  • A Fragile Hope (#503)

    Witness the harrowing journey of two babies and their families through one of the largest hospital NICUs in the country.

  • Into The Unknown (#504)

    Growing up in Spain, the Sabates always dreamed of working with the less fortunate.

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