Inside The Tower of London

The Tower of London has stood at the centre of British history for nearly 1,000 years. This series explores its incredible stories and goes behind closed doors to see how the Tower runs today. Discover how the Tower was built, how it grew as successive kings left their mark, and how, in the time of King Henry VIII, it turned from palace to prison. Find out about the most famous people who have walked through its gates, from the young princes trapped by King Richard III to Anne Boleyn, Guy Fawkes and Sir Walter Raleigh. And meet the fascinating people who keep the Tower alive today - the 37 Beefeaters who still live on site, the curators discovering new secrets, and the Raven Master who looks after the most famous birds in Britain, reputed to keep the Tower from crumbling.

Inside The Tower of London By Episode

  • The Medieval Tower (#101)

    The first episode focuses on the iconic Yeoman Warders, or Beefeaters, following their daily routine and the appointment of a new Chief Beefeater.

  • The Tudor Tower (#102)

    The latest recruit to join the team of 37 beefeaters begins his career with some testing exams.

  • The Tower at War (#103)

    Examining the execution of German spies captured in the two world wars.

  • The Victorian Tower (#104)

    Cameras follow Chris, the ancient structure's Raven Master, and General Nicholas Houghton, former Chief of Defence staff and current Constable of the Tower.

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