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Revel in the eye-opening, thrilling world of live music photography through the experiences of the men and women who have documented popular music in images, from the earliest darkrooms to the fast-evolving digital landscapes of the present day.

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  • On Camera (#101)

    Get to know some of music photography's greatest names and what factors define an iconic image.

  • On The Road (#102)

    Hear the firsthand tales of the photographers who travelled with bands to capture the magic of live music, painting a vivid picture of life on the tour bus and in the photo pit.

  • On The Record (#103)

    Explore the evolution of album cover photography, from its roots in jazz and early rock 'n' roll, with anecdotes by art directors, musicians and the photographers responsible for some of the world's most iconic album covers.

  • On The Cover (#104)

    Discover the uncensored and never-heard-before stories behind the amazing photographs that graced the front pages of music magazines and played a pivotal role in elevating music photography to iconic status.

  • On The Wall (#105)

    Trace the journey of music photography from a niche pastime to a highly collectable art form with stories from gallerists, art experts and photographers whose work hang in some of the world's most revered institutions.

  • On The Net (#106)

    Tune in to how music photography fits into the contemporary, popular culture landscape alongside the rise and influence of social media.

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