Globe Trekker

GLOBE TREKKER transports viewers to unforgettable destinations through its stunning photography, rhythmic indigenous music and spirit of adventure. In each episode, one vibrant young traveler ventures off the beaten path to soak up the local culture, sample the cuisine and revel in breathtaking vistas. In keeping with their aim of "living as the locals do," charismatic hosts Ian Wright, Justine Shapiro, Zay Harding, Megan McCormick and others explore everything from big-city landmarks to exotic sights in remote villages.

Globe Trekker By Episode

  • Road Trip: Rust Belt Highway, USA (#1601)

    Globe Trekker Megan McCormick takes to the road to explore the industrial heartland of America.

  • Road Trip: Rust Belt Highway 2, USA (#1602)

    In part two of the Rust Belt Road Trip, Globe Trekker Megan McCormick spans the American Midwest and its Great Lake states in search of the innovations that ignited an industrial revolution and united America after the divisive conflict of a bloody civil war.

  • Tough Trains: The Transcontinental Railroad, USA (#1603)

    This episode takes on one of the greatest engineering feats of the 19th Century - the Transcontinental Railroad.

  • Art Trails of the French Riviera (#1604)

    Kate Comer searches out the refuges and favorite playgrounds of great artists like Cezanne, Renoir, Picasso and Chagall along the extraordinary art trail of the French Riviera.

  • Food Hour: Provence, France (#1605)

    Culinary writer Rosie Lovell explores the South of France's famous Cote D'Azur and encounters a typically rustic cuisine far removed from the haughtiness of renowned French cooking - the ubiquitous (and largely unaffordable) foie gras and truffles noir!

  • Tough Boats: The Nile, Egypt (#1606)

    Globe trekker Holly Morris travels down the iconic Nile River from Aswan to Cairo visiting some of the greatest sites of antiquity from the age of pharaohs, including the temples of Ramses the 2nd in Abu Simbel, the Valley of the Kings, and the Great Pyramids.

  • Road Trip: Patagonia (#1607)

    Zay Harding takes a journey along Ruta 40 by climbing Volcan Lanin, the highest peak in the area.

  • Nigeria (#1608)

    Adela Ucar kicks off her visit in the capital of Lagos, an anarchic and electric city with a vital nightlife.

  • Top 10 South American Adventures (#1609)

    In this Globe Trekker special, Ian Wright, Holly Morris, Elis Nevitt, Matt Young, Megan McCormick and Zay Harding travel all across South America - to Guyana, Venezuela, Columbia, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil - in search of the continent's Top 10 adventures, which include white water rafting in untamed waters, searching for giant anaconda snakes, trekking to the world's highest waterfalls, and climbing to the snow-capped summit of the Lanin Volcano in the Andes Mountains.

  • Tough Trains: Cuba's Sugar Railroads (#1610)

    Cuba was one of the first countries in the world to build a railway, starting all the way back in 1837.

  • Food Hour: Ireland (#1611)

    Globe Trekker Bobby Chinn samples oysters in Galway, fishes for salmon in Connemara, plays a tune or two with The Chieftains in Westport, visits the Nenagh Agricultural Show, judges a baking competition in Tipperary, and learns the history of Guinness in Dublin.

  • Hawaii (#1612)

    Hawaii is the sacred kingdom of Polynesians and America's sunny 50th state.

  • Papua New Guinea Islands (#1613)

    The trekkers explore New Britain Island, the largest in the Bismarck Archipelago of Papua New Guinea.

  • Food Hour: The Story of Beef (#1614)

    The tradition of eating beef has passed down generations to become an integral part for many of our regular diets.

  • Food Hour: The Story of Beer (#1615)

    Beer is the world's oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage.

  • Myanmar (#1616)

    Megan McCormick starts her journey in Yangon with a visit to Shwedagon Pagoda, the most revered Buddhist temple in Myanmar.

  • Tough Boats: The Arctic (#1617)

    Globe Trekker Ian Wright travels to the high Arctic from the coast of northern Norway, working his passage on a trawler fishing for cod before continuing his voyage on a specially ice-strengthened vessel around Spitsbergen, the world's northernmost inhabited islands.

  • Food Hour: Southern China (#1618)

    Celebrated New Zealand chef Peter Gordon discovers the roots of Cantonese cuisine.

  • Tough Trains: Bolivia (#1619)

    Since the 1860s, Bolivia has lost land to all its surrounding countries, leaving it landlocked and without vital access to coastal ports.

  • Delhi & Agra (#1620)

    Delhi is an incarnation of seven cities all born out of a bloody history.

  • Tough Boats: The Amazon (#1621)

    On a remarkable 250-mile, three-day journey through a remote rainforest, Holly Morris travels by cargo boat down one stretch of the Amazon in Peru.

  • Tough Trains: Vietnam (#1622)

    Zay Harding discovers the checkered and often-dangerous history of the Vietnamese railway.

  • Tough Trains: India's Independence Railroads (#1623)

    In this episode of Tough Trains, Zay Harding takes on an epic journey across one of the world's biggest railway networks.

  • Wild West: USA (#1624)

    In this Globe Trekker special, Zay Harding, Sami Sabiti, Holly Morris, Justine Shapiro and Ian Wright explore the extraordinary history of America's spectacular Wild West.

  • Food Hour: Sicily (#1625)

    Bobby Chinn discovers the cultural and historical influences that define contemporary Sicilian cuisine.

  • North East England (#1626)

    Incomprehensible dialects, terrible weather, a grim industrial backwater - these are phrases traditionally used to describe the Northern stretches of England.

  • Food Hour: The Story of Chocolate (#1627)

    For 4,000 years, people the world over have turned to the delicacy of chocolate for rituals, medicine, romance and sheer pleasure.

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