Ellie's Real Good Food

Hosted by chef, nutritionist, and New York Times best-selling author Ellie Krieger, ELLIE'S REAL GOOD FOOD is designed to help real people get the most out of life by cooking in the "sweet spot," the convergence where delicious and healthy meet. The 13-part cooking series offers solutions for every meal of the week, with healthy, time-saving strategies for menu planning, food shopping and cooking. Viewers see these strategies in action as Ellie and her team visit individuals and families to solve specific food challenges - whether at home or in the workplace - and offering delicious recipes and practical tips along the way. Ellie also discusses the concept of volumetrics, the method of incorporating low calorie, high volume ingredients into recipes to make them more filling. Ellie is a James Beard cookbook award winner and a contributing editor and columnist with both Fine Cooking and the Food Network magazines. She has appeared as a guest expert on dozens of national television programs, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, The CBS Early Show, CNN, ABC News Now and Dr. Oz, as well as hosted The Food Network's hit series "Healthy Appetite."

Ellie's Real Good Food By Episode

  • Busy Mom Seeks.....Help (#101)

    Ellie takes Beth - a mom, a full-time labor and delivery nurse, and a grad student -- under her wing.

  • Say Yes to Chocolate (#102)

    The key to having chocolate in your life in a manageable way is to go for quality over quantity.

  • Carbo-diem (#103)

    Inez's extreme approach to carbs has left her not only feeling tired, but stressed from making separate meals for herself and her family.

  • Cheese-Crazy Daddy (#104)

    We all love cheese - who doesn't? But there can be too much of a good thing.

  • No Brainer Breakfasts (#105)

    Ellie tackles the challenge we all face every day--what's for breakfast, especially in a busy household when everyone is out the door like a pool ball break.

  • Office Food Overhaul (#106)

    Ellie visits a busy office where stress has led to junk food snacking and fast-food lunching.

  • The Goods On Gluten-Free (#107)

    There's a gluten-free explosion days, but how much of it is real and how much of it is hype? Ellie demystifies the gluten issue once and for all with the help of her stepbrother and yoga instructor David Wilder, who has celiac disease.

  • Sweet Tooth Satisfiers (#108)

    Does sugar have you in its thrall? Ellie helps one family tackle their sugar quandary so they can continue to do the baking they love in a healthier way without sacrificing flavor.

  • Dueling Schedules Dinner Challenge (#109)

    It can be a challenge to put dinner together in a working household.

  • Herbivore VS Carnivore (#110)

    He's a meat eater. She's a vegetarian. Their kitchen has become a battleground.

  • Teeny Kitchen (#111)

    Ellie helps out a couple contending with the challenges of cooking in a tiny apartment kitchen.

  • It's My Party (#112)

    Ellie prepares an ensemble of make-ahead dishes that are designed so that both party-giver and partygoers can equally enjoy the festivities.

  • Spring Break with No Regrets (#113)

    Ellie shows us how to transform a vacation from an unhealthy free-for-all into an opportunity to find new flavors you can use to bring your good times home.

  • Veggie Love (#201)

    Want to turn a veggie loather into a veggie lover? Ellie reveals some tantalizingly simple ways to reform veggie haters, in the kitchen and beyond.

  • Beauty Food (#202)

    You are what you eat and it shows. Ellie helps you feel and look your best with tasty dishes that nourish your skin.

  • Satisfying + Complete, with Or Without Meat (#203)

    If you're cutting back on meat you may wonder what to eat more of.

  • Big Flavor, Less Salt (#204)

    Ellie helps you get the bold taste you crave from your favorite foods while keeping salt in check in your kitchen.

  • Raw VS. Cooked (#205)

    Raw foods are hot now. But cooked foods have unique benefits too.

  • Better Brunch (#206)

    Ellie hits refresh on the typical brunch menu with some creative, make-ahead crowd-pleasers that break the mold.

  • Snack Attack (#207)

    Americans get more than 25% of calories from snacks.

  • How to Fish (#208)

    Are you floundering when it comes to adding fish to your menu? Ellie is your fishing guide as she demystifies the choosing, prepping, and cooking of fish.

  • Unboring Salads (#209)

    Tired of snoring through your salad? Shake up the same-old same-old with some recipes that awaken all the senses.

  • One Basket, One Week, Zero Waste (#210)

    How to buy a week's worth of vegetables, bring out their best, and end up with no waste.

  • Great Grains (#211)

    Intrigued by all those exotic grains that have popped up on your grocer's shelves, but don't know where to start? Ellie gets granular with grains, including many that offer refreshing alternatives to people with allergies.

  • Desserts with Benefits (#212)

    On the menu, desserts with a one-two punch-- they satisfy your sweet tooth and deliver significant health benefits at the same time.

  • Keeping It Real (#213)

    Ellie demonstrates how to create great flavor and color with whole ingredients when you're cooking at home.

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