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EARTH FOCUS, a partnership between KCETLink and the Thomson Reuters Foundation provides audiences with urgent local and global environmental coverage that spotlights the issues, impact and possible solutions from a variety of unique perspectives.

Sun, Aug 9 3:30 P.M. City Planning     NH WORLD

Two cities, San Francisco and Freetown, brace for climate change using vastly different methodologies.

Sun, Aug 16 3:30 P.M. Adaptation to Global Water Shortages     NH WORLD

Anticipating future water needs, two regions on opposite sides of the world turn to technology for answers.

Sun, Aug 23 3:30 P.M. Future of Food     NH WORLD

Communities and innovators all over the world are creating new sustainable food sources that are resilient to climate change and growing populations.

Sun, Aug 30 3:30 P.M. Urban Habitat     NH WORLD

With so much biodiversity in the highly urban area of Los Angeles, species are thriving despite human interference, and in some cases because of it.

Sun, Sep 6 3:30 P.M. Fueling Change: Oil Extraction In Alaska & California     NH WORLD

The global demand for oil and gas has long-lasting impacts on the communities that supply it.

Sun, Sep 13 3:30 P.M. Avocado Wars: The Battle Over Water Rights In Chile     NH WORLD

The popular demand for avocados, once considered an "exotic" item, is having a devastating impact on a drought-stricken community in Chile.

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