Beyond Your Backyard

This is not your typical travel show. Beyond Your Backyard is a 30-minute, educational travel series highlighting destinations that people can travel to with ease. Veteran travel personality Erik Hastings (Erik The Travel Guy) reveals the "soul" of each destination he visits. Every episode digs deep to educate consumers on the history and culture, amazing experiences, delicious food, famous attractions as well as off-the-beaten-path haunts which locals and visitors love to visit. The show's editorial viewpoint is presented with integrity and humor designed to inspire viewers to travel.

Beyond Your Backyard By Episode

  • Gettysburg, PA (#101)

    In this episode Erik The Travel Guy is your guide on a historical journey to the scene of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War - The Battle of Gettysburg.

  • Montgomery County, VA (#102)

    Beyond Your Backyard travels to Montgomery County, Virginia to learn about some cutting-edge scientific research going on at Virginia Tech.

  • Key West, FL (#103)

    "Fun in the Sun" is given a whole new meaning in this episode as Erik The Travel Guy takes you down to Mile Zero to set sail and get some step by step snorkel instruction.

  • PA's Great Outdoors Region (#104)

    The Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Region is bursting at the seams with outdoor recreation for the whole family.

  • Colonial Williamsburg, VA (#105)

    Beyond Your Backyard goes back in time and learns about American life in Colonial Williamsburg.

  • The Bahamas (#106)

    Step off the beaten path in the breathtakingly beautiful Bahamas.

  • Washington, DC (#107)

    Washington DC is a true "company town" and that company is the federal government.

  • New Orleans, LA (#108)

    In this episode of Beyond Your Backyard, Erik travels to New Orleans, Louisiana to uncover the secrets behind the distinct vibe synonymous with amazing food, live music and fun.

  • Bryan-College Station, TX (#109)

    The episode travels to the heart of Texas to feel the warmth of the friendly locals.

  • Chicago, IL (#110)

    Chicago is home to a number of firsts including the invention of The Tootsie Roll, the world's first Ferris wheel and so much more.

  • Northern California (#111)

    Get ready to explore a gorgeous part of the United States!

  • Thanksgiving (#112)

    Beyond Your Backyard travels to Plymouth to learn more about "the first Thanksgiving" and to Naperville, Illinois to go behind the scenes at Butterball University!

  • Christmas (#113)

    'Tis the season on this special edition of Beyond Your Backyard.

  • Cozumel (#201)

    In this episode, Erik travels to the Mexican island destination of Cozumel to learn more about Mayan Culture, through the food, the archeological sites and deep below the ocean surface.

  • Little Rock (#202)

    Erik explores the capital of Arkansas in this episode of Beyond Your Backyard.

  • Scottsdale (#203)

    In this episode, Erik learns the difference between "the new west" and "the old west" in Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • Boone (#204)

    Travel to the hill country of the mid-Atlantic to unlock the secrets of Boone, North Carolina.

  • St. Pete / Clearwater (#205)

    In this edition of Beyond Your Backyard, Erik The Travel guy seeks educational fun in the sun in St.

  • Laurel Highlands (#206)

    In this episode, Erik The Travel Guy explores the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania.

  • Little Rock Part 2 (#207)

    Erik returns to the capital of Arkansas in this episode of Beyond Your Backyard.

  • Jamaica (#208)

    In this edition of Beyond Your Backyard, the show visits the island nation of Jamaica.

  • The Azores (#209)

    In this episode, Erik travels across the Atlantic Ocean to learn what all the fuss is about in this undiscovered, island paradise.

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