Beads, Baubles and Jewels

You already love beading and now you'll love watching Beads Baubles, and Jewels. Beading is a trend in fashion, accessories and home decor. Seemingly, you can't open a fashion magazine, or stroll down the aisles of a store without seeing beads. Beading is culturally diverse, echoing designs from all over the world. Beading is the easy way to accessorize clothing or decor with personal expression. And that is what Beads Baubles, and Jewels is all about: education, inspiration, and personal expression.

Beads, Baubles and Jewels By Episode

  • Vary Your Routine (#2501)

    Mix up your jewelry-making routine. Designer Kate Richbourg warms up by mixing colors and shapes in her bead palettes.

  • Clay Workout (#2502)

    Stretch it out with clay. Polymer clay artist Syndee Holt creates a pendant with sparkle clay and adds an artistic touch with transfers and illustrations.

  • Work Out Naturally (#2503)

    Look to nature for design inspiration. Using quartz points, designer Molly Schaller creates stunning necklaces and other jewelry.

  • Get In Shape with Leather (#2504)

    Shape up with leather. Mixed media artist Candie Cooper transforms leather into contemporary jewelry designs with paint, tassels and found objects.

  • Wired Routines (#2505)

    Wire up your jewelry-making routine. Designer Wyatt White coaches you as he uses braided wire to make a trendy bangle bracelet.

  • Mix Up Your Daily Schedule (#2506)

    Get out of the design rut and mix things up. Artist Anne Potter transforms recycled tea tins into fashionable earrings.

  • Enamel Training (#2507)

    Add new materials to your training routine. Teacher and designer Steven James warms up by forming wire into words and coating them with enamel.

  • Tool Workout (#2508)

    Add power to your design with new tool techniques.

  • Bodybuilding with Resin (#2509)

    Bulk up your jewelry design skills. Designer Susan Lenart warms up and works out by adding tints, glitter, graphics and bits of nature to layers of resin.

  • Leather Workout (#2510)

    Give your leather designs a real workout. Jewelry designer Katie Hacker warms up by creating a choker necklace with beads and leather cord.

  • Get Connected to Fitness (#2511)

    Connect your designs in new ways. Warm up as host Katie Hacker designs with colorful stones.

  • Shape Up (#2512)

    Bend it, twist it, shape it, wear it. Jewelry designer Sandra Lupo warms up by bending and shaping sheet metal with a tool she invented.

  • Beading Fitness Routine (#2513)

    Check your beading fitness. Jewelry design Molly Schaller jump starts her designs by mixing matte and glossy beads.

  • In The Eyes of An Artist (#2601)

    Artists see things differently. Our first featured bead type is pierced metal.

  • Inspired By Clay (#2602)

    We begin with a look at polymer beads in all of their different forms.

  • Natural Basics (#2603)

    In the hands of an artist - even the simplest materials take on a new life.

  • The Artist's Relationship with Color (#2604)

    A common thread for all artists is their relationship with color.

  • Unconventional Art (#2605)

    Artists are known for taking an unconventional approach to their art - often introducing "non art" supplies to their work.

  • An Artistic Approach (#2606)

    Artists approach materials in creative ways by taking a fresh look.

  • Artists' Helpers (#2607)

    Inspiration doesn't always come easy for artists. Sometimes premade "helpers" get our message across.

  • Wire As The Artists Muse (#2608)

    Inspiration can come from a style, an artist, or the material itself.

  • It's All Relative (#2609)

    Shape and scale play an important role in all types of art but they are even more important in beads.

  • Modern Ingenuity (#2610)

    This season is all about learning from the masters but we'd be remiss if we didn't also take time to feature some modern ingenuity.

  • The Artistic Process (#2611)

    Making art is a process that requires start to finish instructions.

  • Time for Art (#2612)

    When you talk about art, we often imagine a painstaking process that takes a lot of time, but today's artists are here to show speedy techniques that still create beautiful works of art!

  • Making Art Accessible (#2613)

    A key to making art accessible is to introduce it to our daily life.

  • City Living (#2703)

    Being in the city inspires a whole different vibe to your design.

  • Southwest (#2704)

    Travel is not required to develop a sense of place, certain colors and materials might be the look you gravitate towards.

  • Excursions (#2705)

    Excursions of all kinds whether online, in books or via photos can help us develop our sense of place.

  • India (#2706)

    India has its own original look, or we should say multiple looks!

  • Ice Castles (#2707)

    Developing your sense of place also includes those imaginary locations you see only in your mind.

  • Stages (#2708)

    Not all places are actual locations!

  • A Breath of Fresh Air (#2709)

    Sometime all we need is a walk outside to jump start our creativity.

  • Exotic Travels (#2710)

    Sometimes we get our sense of place right at home and other times our motivation comes from far off places and a sense of the exotic ; something different from our every day.

  • On Your Wrist (#2711)

    This season we're exploring how to develop your sense of place and how it influences our design.

  • All in a Day's Work (#2712)

    Do you consider yourself a jewelry artist? Is jewelry your hobby or day to day job? What happens when your hobby and leisure activity becomes a real business, how does that change your style? This episode explores 2 aspects of making jewelry making your career.

  • Peaceful Pursuit (#2713)

    In this episode we investigate peaceful pursuits - when the actual making along with the finished product give us a sense of peace and a calm.

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