Articulate with Jim Cotter

ARTICULATE WITH JIM COTTER is an arts magazine series, hosted by award-winning journalist Jim Cotter, that explores the variety, quality and heritage of creativity, while also showing how art speaks to us in our everyday lives. The fresh and unique stories featured in the 12-part series include: the history of tap dancing as a cross-cultural art form; the work of multimedia artist Sam Durant; the role of improvisation in dance with choreographer Matthew Neenan; and the on-stage work and off-stage educational efforts of French pianist Claire-Marie Le Guay.

Sun, Aug 16 12:00 P.M. Andrew Bird Concert Show     NH WORLD

ANDREW BIRD: WHISTLING WHILE HE WORKS For the last 20 years, talent has allowed Andrew Bird to mostly write his own ticket.

Sun, Aug 16 4:30 P.M. The Exceptionals     NH EXPLORE

BILLY COLLINS: THE PEOPLE'S POET Billy Collins is one of the best-selling poets alive.

Sun, Aug 23 12:00 P.M. The Right Left Turns     NH WORLD

ARTHUR YORINKS: THE CREATIVE ENGINE For the past 40 years, Arthur Yorinks has been the power behind the throne for many of America's most significant artists.

Sun, Aug 30 12:00 P.M. Seeking Deeper Truths     NH WORLD

GREGORY PARDLO: FAR FROM THE TREE Gregory Pardlo's writing is informed both by his unconventional early life and his uncannily keen eye (for observation).

Sun, Sep 6 12:00 P.M. Staying The Course     NH WORLD

BILL T'LAST Bill T. Jones has lived through tragedy and triumph to become an elder statesman of dance.

Sun, Sep 13 12:00 P.M. Self Inventors     NH WORLD

THOMAS HEATHERWICK'S EVERYDAY MAGIC Thomas Heatherwick is the wunderkind of large-scale 21st century design.

Sun, Sep 13 4:30 P.M. Beyond The Status Quo     NH EXPLORE

ESPERANZA SPALDING'S DISCIPLINE(S) - The highly distinguished musician, Esperanza Spalding does more than just make music, she's trying to change the world.

Sun, Sep 20 12:00 P.M. Of Page and Stage     NH WORLD

SARAH RUHL: SHE RUHLS The works of playwright Sarah Ruhl rewrite history, and document tragedies from her own life.

Sun, Sep 20 4:30 P.M. By The Horns     NH EXPLORE

TOD WILLIAMS AND BILLIE TSIEN: MADE TO LAST - World-renowned architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien are united in vision and practice, in their lives together and in their work, a strong foundation for their partnership and their buildings.

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