Africa with Ade Adepitan

Africa is the most vibrant and varied continent on Earth, with more than 50 countries, and hundreds of different cultures. And this is Africa's time. Journalist and athlete Ade Adepitan travels across Africa to discover how the continent is changing. From the booming technology of Lagos to Mozambique's stunning beaches, and from the endangered gorillas of the DRC to Somalia's war torn streets, Ade sees the best and worst of Africa. With his very personal take on the continent, and extraordinary encounters, this series asks the question: just as the last 30 years transformed Asia, does the future belong to Africa?

Africa with Ade Adepitan By Episode

  • Episode One (#101)

    Ade Adepitan embarks on the first leg of his journey, starting in West Africa.

  • Episode Two (#102)

    The second of Ade Adepitan's four-part journey around Africa takes him across central Africa, from the coast of Gabon, through the Democratic Republic of Congo, and on to Uganda.

  • Episode Three (#103)

    Ade begins this part of his journey in Tanzania, in the Selous Game Reserve.

  • Episode Four (#104)

    The final leg of Ade Adepitan's epic tour of Africa sees him travelling from the beaches of Mozambique, through South Africa, before ending his entire trip in Zimbabwe.

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