A Confession

In 2011, after a night out with friends, 22-year-old Sian O'Callaghan disappeared. When her worried boyfriend reports her missing, Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher (Freeman) begins to piece together her last movements. Believing Sian may still be alive and being held somewhere against her will, Fulcher initiates an urgent full-scale search operation. Through diligent and painstaking police work, Fulcher and his team discover CCTV footage of Sian in the High Street, which leads to vital clues in the investigation. Racing against time, Fulcher edges closer to a chief suspect, local taxi driver Christopher Halliwell. But, after a tense confrontation at a remote location, what Halliwell discloses sees the investigation taking a completely unforeseen turn. The revelation leaves Fulcher standing on the precipice of a life-changing choice between following police protocol and catching a killer.

Mon, Sep 20 9:00 P.M. Episode One     NH EXPLORE

Tue, Sep 21 2:00 A.M. Episode One     NHPBS

Mon, Sep 27 9:00 P.M. Episode Two     NH EXPLORE

Tue, Sep 28 2:00 A.M. Episode Two     NHPBS

Mon, Oct 4 9:00 P.M. Episode Three     NH EXPLORE

Tue, Oct 5 2:00 A.M. Episode Three     NHPBS

Mon, Oct 11 9:00 P.M. Episode Four     NH EXPLORE

Tue, Oct 12 2:00 A.M. Episode Four     NHPBS

Mon, Oct 18 9:00 P.M. Episode Five     NH EXPLORE

Tue, Oct 19 2:00 A.M. Episode Five     NHPBS

Mon, Oct 25 9:00 P.M. Episode Six     NH EXPLORE

Tue, Oct 26 2:00 A.M. Episode Six     NHPBS

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