A Season of Thanks

November 2023 Connections

Listening to Terry Douglass talk, you’d think she’s hit the jackpot on friendships. “Sometimes I go for a walk with one member, other times I grab a cup of coffee and one day, I even went looking for used furniture with another member,” says NHPBS Major Gifts Officer Terry Douglass. “Connecting with our members, finding out what they are passionate about, letting them know of the range of programs and services NHPBS offers and, most of all, thanking them are my top goals.”

This November, NHPBS will be surprising multiple sustaining members with special gifts throughout the month. “We really wanted to give back to our members who give to us every month. We’re calling this a season of thanks,” says Douglass.

“Sustainers are so important to New Hampshire PBS,” explains Douglass. “Often times, they are the people who don’t choose a thank you gift. They give on a monthly basis, and they have been doing it for years.”

Sustainers are donors who commit to giving a recurring gift to NHPBS on a regular basis. While their individual gifts may be small — think the amount you may spend on one cup of coffee — they add up to make a big difference. Sustainers provide a steady and reliable stream of income to NHPBS that is used to fund essential local programs and educational services.

Thanks to our sustaining members, NHPBS has been able to welcome high school teams from all over the state to compete on GRANITE STATE CHALLENGE. Thanks to our sustaining members, NHPBS has been able to expand our educational outreach services and show teachers how to harness the power of PBS Learning Media in their classrooms. And thanks to our sustaining members, NHPBS has been able to get up to Berlin, and soon to Plymouth to record your stories for upcoming new episodes of OUR HOMETOWN.

“We have members giving five, ten, twenty dollars a month, and it is the power of these small, regular gifts that keeps NHPBS strong,” says Douglass. Being a small local nonprofit we view these recurring gifts as the lifeblood of the station. “I love reaching out to our sustainers and thanking them, and we are so grateful for their support. What they give goes a long way.”

“I chat on the phone with our sustainers every day. They may have a question about where the latest WINDOWS TO THE WILD was filmed or when the next CALL THE MIDWIFE will premiere, but often times, I’m hearing about an exciting trip they took, or maybe they’re telling me about a rough patch they went through,” Douglass shares. “But the conversation always turns back to how much they appreciate NHPBS and what they watch is worthy of their time.”

“I may have only speak to a member on the phone a couple of times a year, but their stories touch my heart, and I enjoy learning more about them. There are some stories I’ll never forget,” says Douglass. “That’s why I’m so excited that we are giving back and taking the whole month of November to really thank our sustaining members who give to us time after time.”

Becoming a sustainer is a great way to support NHPBS and to make a real difference. Even a small, regular gift can make a big impact over time. Want to learn more about becoming a sustaining member of NHPBS? Just reach out to our membership team at 800-639-8408 and we’ll get you started!

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