Enjoy a Trip to the Highlands without Leaving Home

Windows to the Wild Season 15 Finale

(Durham, NH, May 7, 2020) - The current need for social distancing may have put a halt to many travel plans this spring, but Windows to the Wild host Willem Lange has a treat for would-be tourists and armchair explorers alike. On the season 15 finale of New Hampshire PBS’s Windows to the Wild, Lange joins an intrepid group of travelers in Scotland. Filmed n September 2019, Lange and company take the viewer on a welcome escape full of breathtaking views, unexpected history and evocative storytelling.

The trip was led by Scottish police officer turned tour guide Jim Leslie. To Leslie, the chance to share his homeland with visitors is a joy. “God smiled on Scotland. We’ve got everything. We’ve got history. We’ve got buildings older than your own country,” Leslie tells Lange. “We’ve got mountains and rivers. We’ve got whiskey. We’ve got more whiskey.”

As the groups winds their way across the rugged landscape of Scotland they experience the nation through the ages, including the serene majesty of 6th century Iona Abbey , the imposing 15th century behemoth of Stirling Castle, and the delicate 20th century beauty of Glasgow’s House for an Art Lover. Designed by architect Charles Mackintosh in the Art Nouveau style popular at the turn of the 20th century, the bright and airy gardens and interiors of House for an Art Lover celebrate Scotland’s romantic spirit.

More down to earth but just as charming are the animals of Scotland, including the lively border collies at the Leault Working Sheepdog Farm. Master Highland Shepherd Neil Ross instructs his team of dogs through a series of verbal commands and complex whistles. Smart as they are, the dogs are still full of mischief. During a quiet moment, one of the dog’s sneaks on the tour bus and helps himself to someone’s lunch.

To experience more of the beauty, stories and unexpected moments that make up a great trip, you can join Lange and his crew on the season finale of Windows to the Wild, premiering Wednesday at 7:30 pm on New Hampshire PBS and online anytime at nhpbs.org/windows. If you’d like to start planning an adventure of your own, you can join Lange in 2021 on a trip to Ireland. Find out more at nhpbs.org/travel.

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