Planet Granite

The PLANET GRANITE initiative focuses on raising awareness, presenting possible solutions, and highlighting activities that advance sustainability practices.

What You Can Do

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  • Blue Ocean Discovery Center

    Blue Ocean Discovery Center

    Located directly on Hampton Beach, the Blue Ocean Discovery Center welcomes all.

  • Net Impact

    Net Impact

    See how this group of students are helping UNH become one of the most sustainable schools

  • Laney and Lu

    Laney and Lu

    Watch how a local cafe is changing the standard for restaurant sustainability.

  • Sustainable Cafe

    Sustainable Cafe

    Not just farm to table - one NH restaurant is going above and beyond.

  • Artistic Carpenter

    Artistic Carpenter

    A NH carpenter creates new products by bringing reclaimed wood back to life.

  • Aquaculture


    Agricultural Engineering Professor Todd Guerdatand and his colleagues.

  • Honey Bees

    Honey Bees

    A beekeeper demonstrates how our fear of bees is affecting horticulture.

  • Bee Hotel

    Bee Hotel

    See how a thriving bee population improves crop production.

  • Oyster Farming

    Oyster Farming

    Oysters are a part of the Great Bay ecosystem, and are even being farmed.

  • Kiwis


    Kiwis grown in NH are showing promise as a regional crop.

  • Wildflowers


    Mowing a meadow has an impact on its ecosystem.

  • Beach Cleanup

    Beach Cleanup

    Volunteers show how NH beaches can be improved.

  • Test It

    Test It

    Finding out if your water supply is contaminated is simple.

  • Healthy Water

    Healthy Water

    Paul Susca, employee of the Department of Environmental Services.

  • Electric Vehicles

    Electric Vehicles

    An electric vehicle charging station!

  • Solar School

    Solar School

    The White Mountain School installed a solar array on the roof of its Houghton Arts Center.

  • Turf Tips

    Turf Tips

    Useful tips on keeping your lawn lush, robust and healthy.

  • Thrifty Shopping

    Thrifty Shopping

    Thrift shops not only save shoppers money, they also reduce waste.

  • Special Olympics

    Special Olympics

    Coca-Cola of Northern New England recycles plastic containers for a good cause.

  • Seeing Clearly

    Seeing Clearly

    Have you ever wondered what becomes of the plastic in your recycling box?

  • Trash 2 Treasure

    Trash 2 Treasure

    Trash 2 Treasure is the first student-led, self-sustaining campus waste reduction program.

  • All Those Bottles!

    All Those Bottles!

    Foss Manufacturing of Hampton does something interesting with plastic water bottles.

  • All Those Bottles, Too!

    All Those Bottles, Too!

    Foss Manufacturing of Hampton makes fabrics for seasonal carpets, automobiles, and more!

  • Sustainable Agriculture

    Sustainable Agriculture

    What students are learning about sustainable agriculture.

  • Growing Green

    Growing Green

    What students are learning about growing local.

  • Water Conservation

    Water Conservation

    What students are learning about water conservation.

  • Green Opportunity  Giff Burnap

    Green Opportunity Giff Burnap

    Giff Burnap, owner of Butternut Farm and a UNH graduate.

  • Green Opportunity  Doug Cole

    Green Opportunity Doug Cole

    Doug Cole, owner of D.S. Cole Growers and a UNH graduate.

  • Season Extension UNH

    Season Extension UNH

    Becky Sideman from UNH Cooperative Extension shows how to extend a growing season in NH.

  • Season Extension Home

    Season Extension Home

    Becky Sideman from UNH Cooperative Extension shows how to extend a growing season in NH.

  • Composting at Home

    Composting at Home

    How-to compost at home.

  • Science of Composting

    Science of Composting

    A look at the science of composting.

  • Summer Farmers Markets

    Summer Farmers Markets

    A talk about the role of local farmers markets in the summer.

  • Winter Farmers Markets

    Winter Farmers Markets

    A talk about the role of local farmers markets in the winter.

  • Shoals Marine Lab Sustainable Engineering

    Shoals Marine Lab Sustainable Engineering

    The Sustainability Internship Project on Appledore Island.

  • Children's Teaching Garden

    Children's Teaching Garden

    Horticulture curriculum for kids!

  • Conserve


    The benefits of conserving water with rain barrels.

  • Grow Local

    Grow Local

    Become a successful backyard gardener.

  • Plant It!

    Plant It!

    Buying and planting a tree or shrub takes a bit of know-how.

  • Choose


    The difference between biomass carbons and fossil fuel carbons aka "greenhouse gases".

  • Lawn Alternatives: WEB BONUS

    Lawn Alternatives: WEB BONUS

    Suggestions for transforming a grass lawn into a meadow.

  • Growing a Green Generation: WEB...

    Growing a Green Generation: WEB...

    A horticulture curriculum for pre-school to kindergarten age children.

  • Go For It!

    Go For It!

    Local Energy Committees help make communities greener by saving energy as well as money.

  • Rain Garden

    Rain Garden

    Learn about the rain garden.

  • Lawn Alternatives

    Lawn Alternatives

    Your lawn can be used for more than just growing grass!

  • Reduce


    Chris Mongeon shows us how PSU reduces waste by taking away trays from the cafeterias.

  • Sustain


    Sara Cleaves takes us on a tour of the community to paint a picture of what sustains us.

  • Renew


    There's a farm in Lempster, NH where power is generated.

  • Re-Think


    Cocoa Beans being burnt as fuel at the Schiller power plant.

  • Buy Local

    Buy Local

    A gas station in Dover sells green/local products and Bio-Diesel/Bio-Fuel.

  • Weatherize


    Andy Gray gives examples of how to reduce a home's energy output cost-effectively.

  • Respond and Recover

    Respond and Recover

    "From farm to spoon," Stonyfield yogurt manufacture is organic to the core.

  • Empower


    PAREI host solar energy raisers to help people install solar water-heating systems.

  • Reconsider


    A quick look at one of the ways NH is looking towards easing use of fossil fuels.