Blast Off to Space Caillou

Thu, Jul 18 6:00 A.M. NHPBS KIDS      

Sharing the Rocketship: While shopping for a birthday present for Clementine, Caillou and Leo decide to go 'halvsies' on a toy shuttle. They try to share it, but squabbles inevitably arise. When Caillou worries that Leo isn't talking to him anymore he finally realizes his friendship is more important than any toy. Luckily for Caillou, Leo thinks so too! In the end, the boys decide to 'gift' the toy shuttle to Clementine - who is all too happy to receive it. Educational Objective: The importance of sharing; friendship. Coach Grandpa: Grandpa is coaching Caillou's soccer team, and Caillou really wants to impress his Grandpa. So when the team starts losing, and Caillou begins to bumble on the field, Caillou decides he doesn't want to play anymore. Grandpa explains that win or lose, it's all about having fun. He's proud of Caillou, no matter what. With renewed enthusiasm, Caillou rejoins the team to have fun playing the game. Educational Objective: Having fun at sports is more important than winning. The Safety Helper: Caillou is very proud when Miss Martin makes him "Safety Helper" for the day. He takes his job very seriously, and even prevents Jeffrey from going down the slide head-first. So when the job is passed on to Leo the next day, Caillou feels crushed... until he overhears some students repeating his safety lessons, and realizes they took his message to heart. Educational Objective: Learning that you don't need a badge in order to help others.

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 55 seconds

Episode Number: 507

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Thu, Jul 18 6:00 A.M. blast off to space caillou     NHPBS KIDS
Sat, Jul 20 6:00 A.M. blast off to space caillou     NHPBS KIDS

About Caillou:

Growing up is not so tough - especially with a friend like Caillou (pronounced KY-YOO), a lovable four-year-old who has a unique way of relating to the world.

Based on a series of best-selling Canadian children's books, CAILLOU demonstrates how the first experiences of life, from going to the park to understanding one's own family, can be perceived with wonder and a sense of discovery.

Blending animation and live-action segments with humor, kid logic and imagination, Caillou helps preschoolers make sense of the world.

The stories address real problems and conflicts typical to a young child's development.

Through it all, Caillou remains an irresistible little boy in a very big world, with whom every young child and parent can identify.

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