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Games and Interactives


NASA Earth Science Enterprise Games
Navigate through the water cycle, check your earth science knowledge, play the Pangea Map Game, or take a tectonics challenge at this game site for kids from NASA.

Virtual Earthquake
Learn more about earthquakes and then create one of your own.

Earthquake Simulator
Build your own earthquake and see what happens at this site from the Learning Channel.

Volcano Explorer
Learn more about volcanoes and then build one of your own at this site from the Discovery Channel.

Red Hot Volcano Quiz
How hot are your volcano skills? Test your knowledge at this site from National Geographic.

Volcano World Games
Try your hand at a volcano puzzle or two at this site from Volcano World.

Savage Earth
You can view animations of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis here.

Geology Jeopardy
Test your geology smarts with this online geology jeopardy game from Regents Earth Science.

Jefferson Lab Games
Try your hand at a science who wants to be a millionaire game, a bunch of element games, and lots more!

Games for the Science Curriculum
Make your own science games with these PowerPoint and Word templates for Jeopardy, Taboo, Bingo, and Pictionary.