Games and Interactives


Educator's Reference Desk
This site has a collection of 11 lesson plans for grades 2-12.

Discovery School
You'll find a collection of over 60 K-12 lesson plans at this site from the Discovery Channel.

Earth Comm
Find Earth science background information, lesson plans, activities, and other classroom resources organized by state at this site from the American Geological Institute.

Earth Science Lessons
You'll find a large collection of grade 5-8 Earth science lesson plans developed by Scott Johnson, elementary school teacher in Lincoln Elementary in Grand Forks, North Dakota at this site from Volcano World.

Geology Online Lesson Plans
This site from the Illinois State Museum features over 30 K-12 lesson plans.

Geological Society of America
You'll find a directory of lesson plans and education resources here. You can even submit your own lesson plan.

EarthNet Activities
This site features lesson plans for grades K-12 in a variety of Earth science topics including: fossils, dinosaurs, glaciers, geologic time, landforms, climate, and plate tectonics.

Nebraska Earth Systems Education Network
Looking for teaching resources? Check out this site that offers lesson ideas, reviewed Websites, and more.

Earth Science Classroom Activities
You'll find handouts, demonstrations, and suggestions for classroom activities at this site from the Kentucky Geological Survey.

Earth Science Week
Collection of suggested K-12 Earth science activities based on the National Science Education Standards.

Earth Science Lessons
The Southeastern Michigan Math-Science Learning Coalition has collected over 100 K-12 Earth science lesson plans, experiments, and activities.