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Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875)

AndersenHans Christian Andersen was born in Odense, Denmark His father was a shoemaker and his mother was a washerwoman. In 1819, Andersen moved to Copenhagen to try and become a part of the Royal Theatre as a singer, dancer, or actor. He tried his hand a play writing, but his work was rejected by the Royal Theatre, but the Theatre arranged for him to go to a school in Slagelse and he later attended Copenhagen University. His first published works were poetry. The success of his poetry allowed him to travel throughout Europe. His first collection of fairy tales was published in 1835. The collection was a success and he continued publishing fairy tales until 1872. In addition to being a gifted writer, Andersen was also a gifted paper cutter!

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Hans Christian Andersen Audio Photos
This site has full text of all of Andersen's works including his poems, plays, novels, and autobiographies. Some of the works are only available in Danish, but all of the fairy tales are available in English. You'll also find letters to and from Andersen, illustrations of his works, and lots, lots more! Source: Christian Andersen Center at the University of Southern Denmark Intended Audience: General Reading Level: Varies Teacher Section: No Searchable: Yes

Andersen Fairy Tales Audio Photos Interactives
Hans Christian Andersen often wrote tales about the differences between the poor and the wealthy. This site for kids features games, animated tales, biographical information and more.The site does feature some advertising. Source: KIDOONS Intended Audience: Students Reading Level: Elementary Teacher Section: No Searchable: No

Hans Christian Andersen Museum Audio Photos
Andersen's fairytales have been translated into 153 different languages. This site from the author's birthplace Odense includes biographical information, images of his home, portraits of the author, images of his transcripts, images of some of his drawings, and images of one of his books of fairy tales published during his lifetime. Source: Odense Bys Museer Intended Audience: General Reading Level: Middle Teacher Section: No Searchable: Yes

Hans Christian Andersen Online Audio Photos
Online documents, works, portraits, some of Andersen's paper cut art, and other materials. Some in English, some in Danish. Source: The Royal Library Intended Audience: General Reading Level: Middle Teacher Section: No Searchable: Yes

Hans Christian Andersen Audio Photos Lesson Plans
Andersen's first fairy tales were published in 1835. This site is a companion to a British Library exhibition and aims to look at the underlying themes to Andersen's fiction. It includes timelines, essays, and classroom activities. Source: British Library Intended Audience: General Reading Level: Middle Teacher Section: Yes Searchable: No

Hans Christian Andersen Audio Photos
This site features a complete list of Andersen's 168 fairy tales , in the chronological order of their original publication. For 127 of the stories you'll find Mrs. H. P. Paull's 1872 English translations. You will also find period illustrations.  Source: Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales and Stories Intended Audience: General Reading Level: Elementary/Middle Teacher Section: No Searchable: No

Andersen Fairy Tales Audio Photos Audio
You can listen to and download audio files of some of Andersen's tales at this site. Source: LibriVox Intended Audience: General Reading Level: N/A Teacher Section: No Searchable: No

Hans Christian Andersen Biography Audio
Andersen drew on his own feelings of being unattractive when he wrote "The Ugly Duckling." This site features a biography of the author.   Source: Scholastic Intended Audience: Educators Reading Level: Middle Teacher Section: N/A Searchable: Yes

The Ugly Duckling
Read and listen to the story (in English or Punjabi), do a crossword puzzle, make sentences with jumbled words, and find missing words from the story. Source: Fairy Tale Land

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Online Video

Hans Christian Andersen
1952 feature film starring Danny Kaye. Source: Hulu

Lesson Plans

Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales - Gr. 3-5
In these lessons, students learn about the 19th century author who created these characters and hear and read the original texts of several of his stories. Source: EDSITEment

Fairy Tale Journey - Gr. 3-4
In this creative writing lesson, students assume the role of the main character in the fairy tale and use fantasy to change the ending of a familiar fairy tale. Source: Educator's Reference Desk

The Ugly Duckling: A Discussion of Human Rights
In this lesson, students become more aware of their relationship to human rights in regards to equality, justice,fairness, civil rights, and social justice using "The Ugly Duckling." Source: Susan Anne Rash, Syringa Elementary School .

Hans Christian Andersen Learning Center
Suggestions for creating a Hans Christian Andersen learning center with three activities. Source: Story Games

Hans Christian Andersen
Classroom activities to celebrate Andersen's April 2 birthdate. Source: Read Write Think (International Reading Association and the National Council of Teachers of English.)

Fairy Tale Quest
In this webquest, students are the editor of Happily Ever After Travel and Fairy Tale News, and collect fairy tales from around the world. Source: Indiana University

The Emperor's New Clothes
This site has lots of worksheets and an online version of the story. Source: Enchanted Learning

The Little Mermaid - Gr. 1
Enrichment activities. Source: Perry Schools