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Frank Asch (1948-)

Frank Asch was born August 6 , 1946 in Somerville, New Jersey. His first book, George's Store was published in 1968. He graduated from Cooper Union in 1969. He has taught school in India and in the United States. He is the author of Happy Birthday Moon, Mooncake, Here Comes the Cat, and The Ghost of P.S. 42. He lives in Vermont.

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In l989, Frank Asch and Vladimir Vagin of the U.S.S.R. published Here Comes the Cat , which was the first Soviet/American collaboration on a children's book. Learn more at the authors site where you will find biographical information, information about his books, animated stories from the author and more! Source: Frank Asch Intended Audience: General Reading Level: Elementary/Middle School Teacher Section: Yes Searchable: No

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When he was a boy, Asch dreamed of becoming a cowboy like Roy Rodgers. Learn more about the author! Source: Greenville Public Library Intended Audience: General Reading Level: Middle School Teacher Section: No Searchable: No

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Frank Asch says there are two main ways he gets ideas for his books. Find out what they are at this site that features a brief biography of the author. Source: Scholastic Intended Audience: Teachers Reading Level: Middle School Teacher Section: N/A Searchable: Yes

Frank Asch on The Daily Comet profile Audio
The author writes about the inspiration for his book The Daily Comet: Boy Saves Earth from Giant Octopus! (tabloid newspapers!) and working with his son. Source: Cynsations Intended Audience: General Reading Level: Middle School Teacher Section: No Searchable: Yes

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Learn more about the author and read one of his poems. Source: Poetry Foundation Intended Audience: General Reading Level: Middle School Teacher Section: No Searchable: Yes


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Online Video

Frank Asch Channel
View some animated versions of the author's works. Source: You Tube

Lesson Plans

Happy Birthday Moon by Frank Asch - Gr. 3-4
Guided reading lesson. Source: Teachers Net

Happy Birthday Moon - Gr. PreK-1
In this PDF lesson students explore friendships and the act of giving and examine the effect of an echo. Source: Captioned Media Program

Happy Birthday Moon Unit
In this multidisciplinary unit students sequence the story, practice using question marks, and learn new sight words. Source: Lesson Pathways

Water Color Ways
In this lesson that uses The Earth and I, students explore how they they share the Earth with many other people and how they have a responsibility to be good stewards of the Earth by helping care for it. Source: Learning to Give

Popcorn - Gr. 1
This multidisciplinary unit includes the book Popcorn and a letter writing activity to Frank Asch. Source: Mrs. Wendland's Home Page

The Moon - Gr. K-2
In this lesson that uses Frank Asch's book Moongame, students observe and describe what the sky looks like at different times, identify objects in the sky and recognize changes in their appearance, and look for patterns and develop interpretations based on extended observations. Source: Science NetLinks