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Caroline Arnold

Caroline Arnold grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She studied art and English literature at Grinnell College. She is the author of over 100 books, mostly non-fiction and natural science books. Her titles include: A Moose's World, Taj Mahal , When Mammoths Walked the Earth, African Animals,Hawk Highway in the Sky, Stone Age Farmers Beside the Sea, Stories in Stone, and Dinosaurs All Around.

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Caroline Arnold profile Photos Lesson Plans
Website of Caroline Arnold, author (and occasional illustrator) of more than 100 books for children. The site includes ideas for projects and activities related to her books, book lists, and biographical information. Source: Caroline Arnold Intended Audience: General Reading Level: Elementary/Middle School Teacher Section: Yes Searchable: No

Caroline Arnold profile
Caroline Arnold's first pet was a kitten named Snoozy. Find out why she named her Snoozy in this interview. Source: Kids Bookshelf Intended Audience: Students Reading Level: Elementary/Middle School Teacher Section: No Searchable: Yes


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Online Video

Caroline Arnold
Brief interview with the author. She talks about her childhood love for books. Source: You Tube

Put the Stripes on the Zebra
Visual arts lesson with Caroline Arnold. Source: You Tube

CSArnolds Books Channel
You can view previews of the authors books here. Source: You Tube

Lesson Plans

Camels-Gr. 2-3
Students study the habitat of camels and how they adapt to their environment. One of the recommend books is Camel by Caroline Arnold. Source: Educator's Reference Desk

Ecology Lesson 9 - Gr. 3
In this lesson students create an advertisement to persuade desert animals that a saguaro cactus meets their habitat needs. One of the recommended books in the lesson is A Walk in the Desert. Source: Baltimore Curriculum Project

Classification of Animals Lesson 3 - Gr. 3
In this lesson students identify amphibians and reptiles by their characteristics. One of the recommended books in the lesson is Sea Turtles. Source: Baltimore Curriculum Project

Underwater Animals - Gr. K-5
In this lesson students explore how blubber acts as an insulator, helping sea mammals to keep warm in cold waters. One of the recommended books in the lesson is Killer Whale. Source: Discovery Education

City of the Gods: Mexico's Ancient City of Teotihuacán
Book activity sheet. Source: Houghton Mifflin