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About NatureWorks

Discover the natural world and the connections that make nature work in this 16-part series for students in grades 3-6. Student host Patrice Forrester and Senior Naturalist Dave Erler of the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, explore the ways living things interact with the environment. NatureWorks is designed to align with state and national science frameworks and standards and is a great way to introduce young people to the natural sciences.

Each episode is fifteen minutes long and consists of five distinct segments.

An instructional section, which covers basic concepts like habitat, adaptation and biomes.

A interactive Q&A segment featuring Sr. Naturalist Dave Erler and Jr. Naturalist Patrice exploring the show topics in greater detail.

A close-up segment focusing on an particular animal or plant that explores the basic concept presented in the first segment in greater detail.

An Outdoor Trek featuring student reports with individuals who work with the natural world in a variety of professions.

A review which sums up material presented in the program.

NatureWorks was developed and produced by New Hampshire PBS and the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.

To order NatureWorks videos contact:
Environmental Media Corporation

Major funding for NatureWorks was provided by:
American Honda Foundation

Additional support provided by: 
Alice Freeman Muchnic
Alice J. Reen Charitable Trust
Cogswell Benevolent Trust
The Finisterre Fund
Fuller Foundation, Inc.
Greater Piscataqua Community Foundation
Morgridge Family Trust
The Natural Areas Wildlife Fund
Rawson L. Wood


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