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White-tails in Winter - Teacher's Guide

Episode Overview

Scientists look at how the white-tail survives in winter and how feeding deer in winter can cause serious damage to the deer. The episode also looks at research being done to learn more about the effects of feeding deer in winter. Length: 7:37 minutes View

Program Objectives

Students will:
1. Explain why feeding deer in winter may be detrimental to the deer.

2. Describe steps scientists are taking to determine the effects of human feeding on deer populations.

3. Recognize the distinct characteristics of the white-tailed deer.

4. Describe how forestry experts and wildlife experts are working together to preserve deer habitat.


deer yard
fat energy
red gel
supplemental feeding
reference set
crown closure

Previewing Activity

Have students list reasons why feeding wildlife might do more harm than good to the animals.

Post-Viewing Activities

1. Have students list some of the ill-effects feeding the white-tail deer in winter might lead to.

2. Have students research some of the reasons wild deer populations have been expanding in New Hampshire.

Other Resources

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