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Transmission Alert:

If you're a NHPBS Television viewer using an antenna, this is an important message for you!

By law certain television stations in our area are required to change broadcast frequencies. On October 24th, New Hampshire PBS (WLED) in Littleton is one of the stations set to change its frequency. After the work is complete, over-the-air viewers will need to rescan their TVs to receive the broadcast signals.


Each television is different.

  • Start with your TV remote menu
  • Look for "Channel Scan" or "Auto Tune"
  • Your TV will rescan for all available channels
  • It can take a minute or two
  • Sometimes you have to rescan again

When you've rescanned your television, New Hampshire PBS as well as New Hampshire PBS Explore, Create, World and PBS Kids channel should be back among the available over-the-air channels.

To learn more visit:

*NOTE: If you are a cable or satellite subscriber this does not affect you.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Please contact us at (603) 868-1100 or online with any questions.


Please answer the following questions so that we can help you watch NHPBS. The more information you give us about your problem, the faster we'll be able to find a resolution. More information on our closed captioning quality certification.

If you are having over-the-air reception issues or if you just want to know what channels are available for you over-the-air, can be a helpful resource.

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